Medical Marijuana

MCRCI helps patients who might benefit from the use of medicinal cannabis by providing the following services:

Assisting patients who qualify under Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) by:

  • 1 year membership
  • Determining if a patient is eligible for medicinal cannabis
  • Access to Health Canada's ACMPR program
    • Specialized support for patients under 18 and naive users
    • After care support in all aspects of medicinal cannabis
    • Tailored follow ups with physician
    • Changes in medicinal cannabis forms i.e. dose changes, re-issues, additional documentation *within reason
  • Assistance with ACMPR application forms for personal production or designating someone to produce
  • Access to discounts on production equipment and nutrients
  • Marijuana in the Work Place Health Care plans
  • Unlimited access to staff during office hours
  • Guidance in the use, strains, and administration of medicinal marijuana from the staff and licensed physician
  • Guidance in the federal ACMPR program
  • Guidance and access to dispensaries and/or  compassion clubs
  • Tracked time lines for renewals
  • Unique intakes with each patient
  • Discounts on accessories and products (books, vaporizers, ect.)

Please note, if you have submitted your medical records to MCRCI it takes approx. 7-
10 business days to process your file, then we will contact you to let you know if you
qualify. To help speed up the process, you may complete our patient intake:


Assisting patients with Marijuana in the Workplace:

  • providing necessary paperwork for employers
  • providing letters of support for employers/human resource deparments
  • providing letters to legal representatives

If you are having issues with marijuana in the work place contact us and we can provide support.

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